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“Such a lovely spot to browse around – great plants”  

We join gardeners the world over using herbs for culinary, medicinal and aromatic purposes. Our passion for herbs began began around fifteen years ago and from a few plants of marjoram our love for herbs simply ‘grew’. 


Herbs are so rewarding – a walk through any garden containing herb plants, is a walk through the past and the present. There are ancient names and stories attached to the folklore of herb uses, their value in ancient civilizations as cures, and now a wealth of new interest in cooking with herbs.


To touch, feel and breathe in the aroma of herbs on a late summer’s afternoon is to perhaps begin to understand the value of growing plants, looking after them and appreciating their true value in our daily lives.


Walton Herbs is part of The Yorkshire Live Music Project C.I.C. (established in Wakefield in 2009) We provide an annual donation to a youth music organisation based in Yorkshire – 2017 Wakefield Youth Jazz Orchestra, 2018 York Jazz Initiative.

The Yorkshire Live Music Project C.I.C reg in England no:  09160989